The Volvo S90 is a luxury car we at Isringhausen Volvo Cars are proud to show you as part of the Volvo range of vehicles.

The interior of the S90 is a luxurious space where you and your passengers will feel safe throughout each journey with space enough for everybody to feel they are capable of enjoying their time driving around Springfield. You will always expect the front seating area to be the best designed in any car, but the designers at Volvo have put just as much effort into the rear seat design as to the front. Power adjustable bolsters and extendable seat cushions that can be warmed for comfort with the slim design of the front seats helping to bring more legroom to the rear.

Not only will you feel completely at home in the Volvo S90 but the touchscreen can be altered to suit your driving style and requirements to keep you moving around Springfield in comfort and style.


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