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  • Isringhausen Volvo

    We believe that every person who walks through our doors deserves attention, honesty, and respect - including our employees. By working together in this way, we become more than a team; we become a family. Our belief is that if our employees function as a family, that family will extend its reach to our customers.

  • Geoff Isringhausen
    Dealer Principal

    Geoff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at UC in 1982. After working for a refined petroleum pipeline shipping company in Atlanta, GA, Geoff began his automotive career in 1984 by joining his brother Rob at Isringhausen Imports. At that time Isringhausen Imports was a pre-owned operation specializing in European and, even more specifically, German vehicles. Geoff was the fourth employee and through the years helped preside over the dealership's growth and many changes. Although Rob has passed on, Geoff continues his brother's legacy of treating customers and employees as they wish to be served: with dignity and respect. Geoff is now the owner/operator of Isringhausen Imports and oversees the Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and sales and service operations.

  • Anies Humaideh
    General Manager

    Anies Humaideh joined Isringhausen Imports in 1987 with a passion for unique and interesting automobiles. That passion, along with a commitment to outstanding customer service, allowed him to ascend to the role of general sales manager, where he oversees the Porsche team and other Isringhausen sales team members.

  • Rob Landers
    Sales Associate

    During his 35 years in the automotive business, Rob Landers has served in virtually every capacity including 15 years in management/finance and 20 years in sales. He has been with Isringhausen Imports since 2006. Rob enjoys working with people and the removing stress and uncertainty from car-buying experience.

  • Brandon Horner