Volvo has been making a recent name as one of the top vehicle manufacturers in Springfield, IL. Their dedication to quality and style is what makes their vehicles so desirable. Thanks to this, the new Volvo XC40 was named the 2020 Best New Family Car by Good Housekeeping. This luxury sport utility vehicle has been seen all over the roads thanks to its extensive features and smooth ride. Teaming up with Car and Driver magazine, the editors of Good Housekeeping have deemed the Volvo XC40 as the top of its class when it comes to vehicles for families in Jacksonville, IL.

Noteworthy Features

They have found the performance and interior features of the XC40 to stand out when put up against its competitors in Quincy, IL. Testing a variety of vehicles over an extensive 5,000-mile period, they judged these vehicles on performance, safety, interior, and design.

One great feature offered by the manufacturer is the Care by Volvo plan. This offers a vehicle maintenance and care subscription set at a flat rate for all your vehicle needs. Volvo is the only company in the nation that offers this type of plan for their drivers.

One big reason that went into the XC40 winning this award is the standards that the award was judged on. The editors and engineers took into account all of the things that families in Lincoln, IL, would need in an SUV and how they apply. It was these little items that made the XC40 truly reign supreme. From the ample seating and room inside to the ease of folding these seats down to increase cargo space, the XC40 impressed time and time again.

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Another large part of the decision process was the safety features of the XC40. Many take safety into account as a huge part of their decision making when purchasing a new vehicle. The XC40 includes many safety features offered from Volvo that make it a great option for families of all sizes in Decatur, IL. Volvo is setting the standard for safety on their vehicles, and at this rate, more awards may be on the horizon for this legendary auto manufacturer.

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