Performance Of The Volvo S60 R-Design

Volvo is great at giving people the option to build their car exactly how they want to. The Volvo S60 comes in a few trims but the sportiest option is the R-Design trim. This turns the S60 from a luxury sedan into a sports sedan.

Once you have selected the trim you want, Volvo also allows you to choose which engine fits your needs the most. The T5 engine can only come in FWD but it has enough power for getting around Springfield with. If you get the T6 powertrain you get AWD as standard and about 30 percent more power. The T8 gives you AWD along with giving you a hybrid system that increases efficiency and acceleration.

The best way to figure out which engine is best for you is to stop by Isringhausen Volvo Cars and take it out for a spin. Our team can even help you customize your S60 R-Design to give it your personal flair.



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