Exploring Android Auto Features

If you want to use a smartphone that uses the Android operating system in your car, then you'll likely need Android Auto. Android Auto is one of the most prevalent in-vehicle integration systems for smartphones. It uses a specialized syncing technology that allows you to make hands-free phone calls, play music using voice activation via your favorite music streaming app, and use other apps from your phone through the car's computer.

Of course, navigating through your phone to get to the app you want to use while driving is a huge distraction. That's why Android Auto comes with a Google Assistant tool. With this, you can just say "Ok Google," or press your car's voice control button, to activate your phone's Assistant. After that, all you have to do is tell the phone which app you want to use.

Speaking of apps, Android Auto lets you use a wide array of media apps to play anything you want in the car. From podcasts via NPR One to audiobooks via Audible and albums via Spotify, you can play any type of audio media you'd like. If you want to test out these features, make sure you stop by and test drive an Android Auto-equipped car today.



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