Volvo S60 Looks Stellar & Keeps You Safe

It's not hard to see why the Volvo S60 remains a sought-after entry in the luxury compact sedan category. This ride looks posh and sporty, with a roomy cabin, lots of power and smooth handling. Volvo S60 is also a leader in the safety category, a detail that particularly appeals to our Isringhausen Volvo Cars team, all safety enthusiasts.

Blind Spot Information System [BLIS]

BLIS prevents on-road collisions and saves lives. BLIS detects vehicles that enter your blind spot, activating a warning light in the front left and right mirrors. The system helps you make more careful, informed decisions about switching lanes during busy traffic crunches in Springfield or on the highway.

Cross Traffic Alert

Similar to BLIS, Volvo S60's Cross Traffic Alert gives you a heads up whenever traffic approaching from your sides is about to cross behind you as you back out of a parking space or a narrow location.

Up close and for yourself is the best way to experience Volvo S60's dynamic safety features. Pop into our dealership today for a test drive.


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