Restyling the Volvo XC90 can be quite a chore because this luxury SUV already sports one of the best exterior appearances for any SUV today. First and foremost, Volvo has equipped this vehicle with a boat-load of innovative components, and this popular automaker has refined some of the SUV's characteristics.

Refining the Volvo XC90 only means that some of the features have been updated for aesthetic purposes. The XC90 still possesses dynamic-LED lighting from the "Thor-Hammer" headlamps. The front grille is even more glossy in appearance, and the rear LEDs still possess they're vertically fluid motion along the backside of the vehicle. Volvo is offering various exterior paints, such as birch-light gray, thunder gray, onyx black, crystal-white pearl and many others. For a more dynamic appearance, consumers can choose from 22-inch six-double spoke rims, 21-inch 10-spoke rims, 20-inch five-spoke rims and many others.

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