Volvo V90 is a Great Example of a Safer Vehicle

When it comes to luxury wagons, the Volvo V90 is a model you can fall in love with. This is pretty easy for most of us at Isringhausen Volvo Cars, and we know it'll be easy for you, especially after you experience its safety features.

Safety Counts With Volvo

An automaker that cares about customers is going to try to make driving through places like Springfield much safer with the following features:

Pedal Release

The pedal release feature is activated during an accident. It tucks the pedal down so it will not hurt your feet during a collision. This is one-way Volvo is making things better for drivers.

Lane Departure

This system is put in place to help keep drivers from drifting into another lane. The drift can cause serious accidents. The V90 detects if you are drifting and activates a series of alert signals to help keep in your lane, like audio warnings.

Driving in a vehicle with safety features like these is an experience like no other, so make sure you give it a test drive as soon as you can.



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